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Helping small businesses with a web presence to advertise their services to their surrounding communities!
A simple 1-4 page website can be set up for less than a dollar a day! There is a $100 deposit required to get you started on your way to a web presence, which includes the domain name registration, hosting services and a simple design. This will be deducted from the annual payment as this is the actual downpayment, and this fee will include hosting your website up to 2 weeks after it is finished and uploaded until the remainder of the yearly balance is paid in full. Extra features listed above can be added for an additional fee, to be discussed.

All future website payments will be handled on a prepaid, upfront yearly payment cycle. You pay for your entire next full year on the anniversary date your website was uploaded. Any changes, additions, deletions, etc. to your leased website, would be charged at a negotiated price for any changes, prior to doing the work requested.

The website design, domain name registered with me and hosting services remain with me, as services rendered. If you decide not to have me update, register your domain name or host your website, a negotiated price must be sought, otherwise these remain with me as an annual paid service . In otherwords, you are paying for a service, you are not purchasing nor will you own the website outright.

In short, you are leasing your domain name, hosting and website from me! By leasing your website in this manner, you are only paying for the hosting charge and domain name registration and you get a website designed by me included in this fee, instead of having a web designer who charges thousands of dollars to create a website for you then leaving you to host and register your domain name. Most average people do not want to handle this part of their business, so that is what I will take care of for you.

I keep my prices substantially low because I only create simplistic small websites which help your customers get ahold of only the information they really need and not confuse them, so you get your name out into the web and get quick request from potential customers. If you want a really sophisticated web design, then that will cost you thousands of dollars from a master web designer. This is not my market nitche, nor do I give references for this, as I do not know any personally.

To get started on the internet within the next couple days, please fill out the form above and we can get you started for a minimum amount of time and money. Let everyone know you are in business and give them an easy way to contact you and get information on the services your small business provides.